Balgownie is a small suburb of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. Balgownie lies to the north-west of the Wollongong CBD. It stretches from the lower slopes of Mount Keira along the Illawarra escarpment to the base of the Broker’s Nose promontory. To the east, Balgownie is bordered by the light industrial and commercial suburb of Fairy Meadow. The main street, Balgownie Road, connects the suburb to the nearby Princes Highway. Balgownie is mostly residential with a small commercial centre known as the Balgownie Village. Balgownie has a similar history to many towns on the NSW south coast. When first settled in the 19th century, Balgownie was the centre of local logging, coal mining and farming industries. With the economic and population growth of the 20th century Balgownie was overtaken by the expanding urban sprawl and transformed from a small country hamlet to a residential suburb. Sites of interest include the Balgownie Public School’s museum, The Bally Pub, Balgownie Village Patisserie (formerly Kristian’s Bakery), the Urban Grind Cafe and the war memorial. This war memorial will have extensive developments during the next few years. There are also several fine eateries in the suburb including Il Porcellino and Il Nido which serve Australian and Italian cuisine. 

Population: 5577

Show features VISHTEN (Canada) and THE LITTLE STEVIES (Australia).

Tickets available online (TICKETING LINK).


Le Montreal Shack is kindly sponsoring the Festival of Small Halls show in Balgownie and will provide a delicious savoury dinner for the event! Check out their website: http://www.lemontrealshack.com

Additionally, cakes, slices, tea and coffee available by the Hall Committee.

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