Rowella, 11 January 2023

Rowella hall, tas, palawa/pakana country Rowella Hall stands on the traditional lands of the palawa/pakana People. Rowella Hall had another life as a Presbyterian Church in Beaconsfield in the gold rush days. The building was cut into three sections and moved to Rowella, sited on land donated by two local residents, to provide the community … Read more

Longford, 12 January 2023

Longford Town Hall, TAS, panninher Country Longford Town Hall stands on the traditional lands of the panninher People. Longford Town Hall at 67 Wellington Street is an impressive two-storied Victorian building with a richly decorated stucco façade, built in 1880 as Assembly Rooms by one Elizabeth Noake. She owned the adjacent Queen’s Arms Hotel (built in … Read more

Pyree, 18 January 2023

Pyree hall, nsw, yuin country Pyree Hall stands on the traditional lands of the Yuin People. The hall was built in 1895, and has been a major community centrepiece, hosting weddings, parties… anything really! Cold Chisel used it to rehearse for one of their albums. Festival of Small Halls returns to Pyree on Wednesday, 18 … Read more

Kangaroo Valley, 19 January 2023

Kangaroo Valley Hall, NSW, Dharwal Country Kangaroo Valley Hall stands on the traditional lands of the Dharawal People. The iconic School of Arts was designed by James Burrell and built in 1908. There have been two extensions, in 1928 and 1937, and the building is used now, as it was then, for community social events. … Read more

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