Thuringowa Bindal and Wulgurukaba people Thuringowa takes its name from a city that once sat adjacent to Townsville. Having merged with Townsville in 2008, the suburb of Thuringowa Central now thrives as a commercial hotspot within greater Townsville. While there are many things to do, both well documented and clandestine, a trip to the Riverway … Read more


Tour Wallaville HALL

Wallaville   Taribelung Bunda, Goreng Goreng, Gurang and Baillai people   WALLAVILLE SHOW CANCELLED DUE TO SEVERE WEATHER WARNINGS: Ticket holders will be contacted again early next week. STAY SAFE! The Burnett River is home to the Burnett Salmon (lungfish) one of the oldest surviving species in the world and also to Wallaville, a tiny … Read more



Yeppoon Darumbal people: from ‘Yeppen-Yeppen’ (thunder)   With a stunning backdrop of offshore islands, the sparkling azure of the Pacific and towering Norfolk pines, Yeppoon has built a reputation as both a visually striking tourist town and a saviour for summer tastebuds (plenty of mangos come from Yeppoon). If island hopping is your thing, you … Read more

Mt Mee

Tour Mt Mee Hall

Mt Mee Jinibara people, place orig ‘Dahmongah’ – flying squirrel   A drive up to Mount Mee is likely to be slow, your vehicle crawling along the roads as you crane your neck to try to safely check out the breath-taking views of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Take in the spectacular panorama of all of … Read more

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