Merton and Boolarra

Week 3 continues the tour with some fun loving and beautiful crowds coming into the shows. Some cheeky audience members were found too down at Merton… Dear Merton, You rocked the night. What a super fun crowd you were. What a feast we had. Great caterers. To the young girl helping her mom and sister, … Read more

Wycheproof and Caldwell

Week 2 of the tour continues in some amazing towns with some amazing food! Wycheproof was up next, and it seems like the homesickness has manifested from emotional to physical… Dear Wycheproof, What a cough I had when I got in! Battled it for a week. It tried to take me out by the time … Read more

Goroke and Murtoa

Week 2 of the tour is up and running, and it’s mind blowing how amazing all of the regional communities are. First show of the week; Goroke! And it was the teens of the community that amazed our tour party… Dear Goroke, We arrived early so we could do a singer/songwriter workshop for the students … Read more

Orroroo, Beltana and Red Cliffs

The Once and John Flanagan continue on their Small Halls tour! Just when you thought their stories couldn’t get better, these next few towns brought a whole new level! The next town they went on to visit was the friendly community in Orroroo, which includes the friendly animals too… Dear Orroroo, When we pulled into … Read more

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