Bluewater, 5 December 2019

The Bluewater Community Centre is almost 30 years old. While the land is owned by the local council, it’s leased back to the Bluewater Community Association Inc for the use and enjoyment of all. The Bluewater Centre was built and paid for by locals . It always has been and always will be available for … Read more

Armstrong Beach, 6 December 2019

Welcome to Armstrong Beach! This beachside village’s hub is the community-owned Lewellyn Hall, managed by the local Armstrong Beach Progress Area Association. These guys are known for their epic fishing, prawns, and decent shindigs at the hall. At only a gentle 12 min drive from Sarina, Armstrong Beach has all ingredients for whatever perfect recipe … Read more

Emu Park, 7 December 2019

The Emu Park Cultural Hall is centrally located in the middle of the seaside township of Emu Park. Famously known for the iconic singing ship Emu Park is a quaint but vibrant village that boasts picturesque parks and crystal blue waters. The Emu Park Cultural Hall is home to many community groups and its walls … Read more

Pialba, 8 December 2019

Pialba’s quaint Memorial Hall stands within the sunny locality of Hervey Bay, located 32 km north-west of Maryborough. Some 113 years old, the hall is the historical heart of Pialba, being the first settled area of the bay district and the place to gather in days gone by. Pialba was known as the regular watering … Read more

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