Allora, 9 September 2021

Allora Community Hall, QLD, Githabul Country The Allora Community Hall stands on Githabul Country. Bright and airy, the Allora Community Hall is located in the heart of the historical township of Allora, QLD. With its large, raised stage, dressing rooms, bar area and kitchen/service area, it is a great space for any event of up to 325 people – perfect for a Small … Read more

Freestone, 10 September 2021

Freestone Memorial Hall, QLD, Bundjalung Country The Freestone Memorial Hall stands on the traditional lands of the Keinjan people and the Gidhabul people on Bundjalung Country.   Originally built as a School of Arts in 1900, Freestone Memorial Hall was moved approximately four kilometres to its present site in 1921. This move took it closer to the recently opened railway station, as this area had … Read more

Karara, 11 September 2021

Karara Public Hall, QLD, Githabul Country Karara, named by the Githahbull/Gidhabal people, is situated around the banks of what is now known as Canal Creek. individuals often prospecting for gold both within and around the creek.   Like the gold found in the surrounding areas, Karara Hall is precious. The Hall is the heart of this small rural town, located … Read more

Mt Colliery, 12 September 2021

Mt. Colliery QCWA Hall, QLD, Githabul Country The Mt. Colliery QCWA Hall stands on Githabul Country.  The Hall was built in 1918, and run by a Trust of local residents in the mining village of Mt Colliery. It was the social hub for coal miners, timber getters, farming and community families. It had a library,   picture theatre, stage for theatre productions, card evening and  dances.  There was never a pub in … Read more

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