Austinville, 28 Nov 2018

Somewhere between a dreamy ocean and an endless green valley lies Austinville, the village where every visitor blinks twice. One of the Gold Coast’s oldest suburbs, Austinville was established following the worst years of the Great Depression. Originally a banana farming area intended to relieve unemployment, the area now contains a section of the World Heritage-listed Springbrook National Park. 

Now, locals live in a secluded village nestled between balmy Mudgeeraba and the lush green surrounds of Springbrook. Local and visitors alike are spoilt for choice when feeling leisurely –  hiking under waterfalls, picnicking on the mountain side, exploring rock pools or gazing up at the suddenly-multiplied stars are all options in this mountain retreat.

Population: 361

Featuring artists Old Man Luedecke (Canada) and Lucy Wise (Australia)

Tickets available online here 

November 28th 2018.
Doors open 6.30pm.

No need to bring chair.
Event is being held indoors.
No drinks for sale, so BYO if you want a drink.
Well dressed snag sangers ($2) and hamburgers ($4) available hot off the BarB.

Mt Nimmel Hall is located at 237 Austinville Road, Austinville.


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