Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay

Show features VISHTEN (Canada) and THE LITTLE STEVIES (Australia) with local support act Meralyn Stewart.

Apollo Bay was part of the traditional lands of the Gadubanud or King Parrot people of the Cape Otway coast. In the 1840s the Henty brothers established a whaling station at Point Bunbury on the western end of the bay. The bay was named by a Captain Loutit in 1845 when he sheltered his vessel, the Apollo, here from a storm. The first European settlers were timber cutters in the 1850s who subsequently established sawmills. Farmers later moved into the area and a small settlement on Apollo Bay named Middleton developed. A Post Office of that name (with a fortnightly mail delivery) opened on 1 May 1873 (relocated to the township of Krambruk in 1881 and renamed Apollo Bay in 1898). During this period almost all access to the area was by sea
The township of Krambruk (later to be renamed Apollo Bay) was established in 1877, and a school was open by 1880.

Population: 1095


Galapagos Bookstore Book Shop, Address: 77 Great Ocean Rd, Apollo Bay VIC 3233, Phone:(03) 5237 6011.

Bay of Apostles (CASH ONLY), Address: 55 Great Ocean Rd, Apollo Bay VIC 3233, Phone:(03) 5237 6032

Also available online (TICKETING LINK).


Apollo Bay Mechanics Institute, 21 Great Ocean Rd, Apollo Bay, VIC, 3233


Local community group ‘Playgroup by the Sea’ will be running a kitchen with homemade cakes and savoury delights and drinks including local brewed Otway Cider, wine and craft beers.

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