Allendale East and Lameroo

On the road they go! The Once and John Flanagan have finished their first week on the road, and they have a few stories to share. They started in South Australia, first visiting the small town of Allendale East…

Dear Allendale East,
Do you know you were our first Small Halls show? We came into your town, gasped at the blue water in the hills, stared into your caves and saw your brand new Street Art at your school.



I (Geri) walked up and down the streets so often the dog that started barking at me madly gave up and lay down. It was our first opportunity to catch the vast starry sky far from the city lights, and we can’t thank you enough for having us so we could witness that. Thanks for singing and laughing with us. See you down the road.
The Once

The bass player, Greg, also made a couple friends!



The perfect way to start off a massive tour. The next stop was the beautiful Lameroo, where the all the kids joined into the fun…

Dear Lameroo,
I think what we will remember most about you is your kids and how amazing they were for a shot at $5. All they had to do was stay quiet while dancing and expressing themselves. They rushed the stage while the adults stuck to the back. They blew our minds. Really will remember Kingsley and his story about the cows. Really hope he is writing now and sharing his music. The kitchen became our after party. We ate delicious treats while we packed up our gear and discussed the importance of mental health. Again, the stars blew our minds. These small hall shows are blowing our minds.
The Once.

The night sky is obviously really beautiful out at these small towns!



It’s great to see all the beauty that can be found out of the city, in the scenery and in the people. And the tour continues, hopefully with even more stories from the road…

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