Greenvale, 24 October 2020

Greenvale Community Hall was built in the 1970s, a central part of the mining town that was built to service the community who worked at the mine. The hall was the centre of community activities for the town, the centre from which all social activities flowed. If the grand old dame could talk, she'd tell ... Read more

Ravenshoe, 25 October 2020

Ravenshoe Town Hall is 60 years old and is a grand building in the centre of Ravenshoe CBD. Still standing proud after many cyclones in her time and the parties the community have had and still to come, many memories have been made here. The grande dame has hosted a Torimba Ball for 52 years, many a debutante presenting themselves to society and our local theatre group, Ravenshoe Amateur Theatrical ... Read more

Clermont, 29 October 2020

The small town of Clermont has a large number of buildings with great architecture and stories to go with them. Look for the country wave as you drive around. The town is over 150 years old and built on gold, copper and coal mining and agriculture. Famously known as the the town that moved due … Read more

Wowan, 30 October 2020

Wowan’s “Small Hall”, known as Wowan R.S.S.A.I.L.A Memorial Hall, was first erected to commemorate those who had served during World War One and World War Two and was officially dedicated on 29th of October, 1940. The celebration ball for the opening of the Hall saw one of the largest social gatherings the town has ever ... Read more
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