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Festival of Small Halls is a series of tours that takes the best folk and contemporary acoustic artists performing at two of our country’s largest festivals, and sends them on the road to tiny halls in communities all over Australia. It is produced by Woodfordia Inc in partnership with many other wonderful Australian festivals, regional partners and great lovers and supporters of folk and contemporary acoustic music. It’s an opportunity for music-lovers from welcoming communities to invite artists from Home and Abroad into their towns, and a way of exploring this vast country in the spirit of hospitality and great fun.

The artist line-up for Small Halls will always be at least one Australian artist and one International touring artist, who play music of exceptional quality and heart. They’ve been chosen for the tour not only because of their beautiful songs and tunes, but because they have the ability to really connect with the people they play for, whether through storytelling, the ability to tell a good joke (or a truly terrible one), a wonderful warmth and a real interest in visiting places a little off the beaten track. Each night of the tour is hosted by volunteers from the local community, so it’s also a chance for a town to show off their warmest welcome and most enthusiastic audiences.

The Festival of Small Halls Australia was inspired from the seed of an idea in Canada for a new touring structure to take great music into regional areas. On Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada, local communities have hosted roots, traditional and acoustic artists in community halls all over the island since 2008. In 2014, armed with a vision of bringing big music to small places, the Ontario Festival of Small Halls joined the family. The event was born of inspiration by the spirit of community, hospitality, exceptional music, and fun that has made small halls festivals in PEI and Australia such treasured events.

From our farmlands to the flood lands, the rainforests to the outback, Festival of Small Halls audiences can expect a beautiful night of original music, as well as a chance to catch up with their families and friends during a supper break, where cake and tea are served. It’s an all ages event and all are welcome.

Click on the tours page to find out if we’re coming to a town near you – and if we’re not, please extend the invitation. We’d love to come visit.

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Stories, news, happy snaps and more – all the latest from the road, Halls HQ, and from our friends

  • AMAZING! The beautiful community of #Woodstock are psyching up for their show on the #HallsAutumn tour with.....bunting! We're going to have a blast. #southaustralia, #newsouthwales, #victoria - are you looking forward to your show too? We sure are! #Repost @woodstockshow with @get_repost
This bunting has been handmade from old sheets, clothes and fabric off cuts! It has been cut, sown together, turned inside out, ironed and placed on a bias tape that was handmade from a white sheet! Check out our beautiful and locally made bunting on the 24 March 2018 at the Festival of the Small Halls, tickets on sale now! 👍🎶❤ #woodstockvillage #woodstocknsw #woodstock #visitcowra #centralwestnsw #woodstocksolidersmemorialhall #festivalofthesmallhalls #smallhallss #halls #labouroflove #bunting #artandcraft #handmade #locallymade #sewing #travellingmusicfestival #music #livemusic #localcommunity #supportlocal #proudcommunity

@portfairyfolkfestival2017 @nationalfolkfestival @smallhallsaus
  • It's never really the end. But today, we wrap #HallsSummer 2018, and we close another chapter of this remarkable story. Farewell @thesmallglories and @claireannetaylor. Till next year, @cygnet_folk_festival and @illawarrafolkfestival. Goodnight, #tasmania and #newsouthwales. See you really, really soon. #thatsawrap #HallsSummer #ontour #tourend #nofilter #ontothenext #HallsAutumn #heartfull Thank you to @down.brushwood.roadphotography for this beautiful photograph
  • @thesmallglories, we love you too! #HallsSummer #ontour #roadie #folkies #love #bandmates #Repost @thesmallglories (@get_repost)
#Australia we love you! Thank you for welcoming us into your hearts! Two more shows to go on the @smallhallsaus summer tour, then it's back to winter on the Prairies. Tonight we play the gorgeous community of #Ulong, & Sunday we're in #Diehard. No kidding. We thought Canada had interesting place-names :) This one takes the cake! Maybe #brucewillis will surprise us all & make an appearance... ;) #tsgdownunder #wondroustraveler @claireannetaylor @woodfordfolkfestival @caraluft @jdedwardsmusic @harrisonmortkicksass
  • A little mate along to help with #packdown in #toormina tonight. What a night! #HallsSummer #ontour #dogsofinstagram #nsw #arts #halls #roadie #regram from @harrisonmortkicksass
  • We had an amazing time in Frederickton last night - a full house! Onto Woolbrook tonight. Doors open at 6.30pm #HallsSummer #ontour #newengland #community #visitwalcha #discovernsw #Repost @claireannetaylor (@get_repost)
Last night's show in Frederickton was phenomenal! Thank you all for coming along. A highlight of the night was making a new friend. You're a legend Matilda! Tonight we play at the Woolbrook Hall. @smallhallsaus #Frederickton #freddo #Woolbrook #smallhallsbighearts
  • In Halls HQ, we get lots of kind letters. Folks tell us how much it means to be back in their Halls of old, what it sparked to see so many old friends again, how the music made them feel. But these guys aren't reading those - they're still on the road. This summer they've clocked around 15,000kms over two music tours covering the entire eastern side of #Australia with @vancevancevance, @lizstringeraus, @claireannetaylor and @thesmallglories. They've been further north than Cairns and further south than Hobart. They've been to farmlands, flood plains, bushfire territory, and one or twice, the beach. How about a cheer for these #legends? They bring the #bunting and they're #amazing. #HallsSummer #ontour #workmates #teamhalls #love #roadlife #bestteam

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