Festival of Small Halls is a series of tours that takes the best folk and contemporary acoustic artists performing at two of our country’s largest festivals, and sends them on the road to tiny halls in communities all over Australia.

It is produced by Woodfordia Inc in partnership with many other wonderful Australian festivals, regional partners and great lovers and supporters of folk and contemporary acoustic music.

It’s an opportunity for music-lovers from welcoming communities to invite artists from Home and Abroad into their towns…
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Where we're heading...

Autumn Tour - Western Australia 2022


Resilience Tour - New South Wales 2022


Current Tours

Autumn Tour - Western Australia 2022

Jack Davies

Jack Davies (AUS)

From singing about seagulls to mumbling poems of sorrow, Jack’s songs like to laugh, poke and longingly stare at the world. Regarded as one of …

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Photo by Jarrad Seng

Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse (AUS)

Ancient language, contemporary music, stunning vocals, poignant stories and guitar brilliance. Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse use their music and performances…

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Resilience Tour - New South Wales 2022

Melanie Horsnell

Melanie Horsnell (AUS)

Officially, Melanie Horsnell lists her home as Candelo – one of those little townships speckled on the map through the far south coast of New South Wales…

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Ash Bell and Sara Tindley

Ash & Sara (AUS)

Sara and Ash are merged from two enduring independent musical careers. When former Starboard Cannons frontman Ashley Bell and well-known independent songwriter…

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Stories From The Road