Festival of Small Halls is a series of tours that takes the best folk and contemporary acoustic artists performing at two of our country’s largest festivals, and sends them on the road to tiny halls in communities all over Australia.

It is produced by Woodfordia Inc in partnership with many other wonderful Australian festivals, regional partners and great lovers and supporters of folk and contemporary acoustic music.

It’s an opportunity for music-lovers from welcoming communities to invite artists from Home and Abroad into their towns…
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Spring Tour 2019: Dorrigo to Queenscliff

Woodfordia Inc in partnership with Dorrigo Folk and Bluegrass Festival and Queenscliff Music Festival

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Current Tours

Spring Tour 2019: Dorrigo to Queenscliff

The Jellyman’s Daughter (SCO)

Scottish duo The Jellyman’s Daughter lands squarely in the middle of an intriguing crossroads between bluegrass, post-rock, folk and soul…

Ash Bell and Sara Tindley, AUS

Two of Australia’s most celebrated songwriters, Sara Tindley and Ash Bell, come together to form a timeless folk/roots collaboration born of tough love and deep humanity…


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