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1 Oct 2013: Time to buy a seat

That thing folks say – you know, buy a red car and you see red cars everywhere? Well, I can apply that general sentiment now to the way I feel looking around the countryside in towns I am going through. Because Tamaryn and I spent the month driving around looking at what made the towns we were visiting unique, those are the eyes I’m taking on the road with me now. The drive into Woodfordia from Caloundra this morning was stunning – all the freshness of Spring and the soft colours of the azaleas now fading out and balanced by the incoming jacarandas and silky oak against a rainwashed sky. The crop paddocks have got nasturtiums growing wild. So, nature makes itself known to us when our eyes are open. Tickets go on sale this afternoon, so I am thinking of all the beautiful halls and lovely host committees, and hoping that our friends in all locations are watching the countryside wake itself up with the same delight that we are here in Woodfordia.

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