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13 Nov 2013: One More Road for the Road

So Tom Hauritz has started on the Festival of Small Halls gang – yes, he’s Bill’s son, and yes, it’s bloody great to have a growing team at the back end! We took a trip out to Chinchilla because we needed to have a double check of the hall. In the interests of full disclosure,…

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1 Oct 2013: Time to buy a seat

That thing folks say – you know, buy a red car and you see red cars everywhere? Well, I can apply that general sentiment now to the way I feel looking around the countryside in towns I am going through. Because Tamaryn and I spent the month driving around looking at what made the towns…

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27 July 2013: Road to Eulo

We were staying at the Eulo Queen hotel, a combination campground, hostel and cabin style accom as well as restaurant and 3 tap bar (VB, XXXX and Carlton Mid). I was dreaming in the early morning that my dad was camped just around the corner from us and I saw him walking back from the…

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11 July 2013: Gettin to Gatton on a rece trip

The first thing that we stop to take photos of today was the emus. Sitting out in Marburg just waiting to give their vital oils over to become tablets and oils to help the arthritic and the diabetic. Curious birds, they were dusty of feather but bright of eye, with the buzzcut hairdos we associate…

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10 July 2013: Sisters Hit the Road

So, I’m picking up my sister, Tamaryn today. She’s a photographer, and once we knew that there was a 6000km road trip ahead, I thought I’d need some practical company – either the company of a sound guy or a photographer, which would benefit the tour. She’s really great. You’ll like her photos. She’s also…

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1 July 2013: A logo we can live with

We’ve back and forthed for ages over this – Amanda is an excellent designer and she’s come up with something that looks like all of our handwritings combined – like a really nerdy version of Captain Planet, the Small Halls font is now greater than the sum of its parts. Ah, we like it.

10 May 2013: Do You Know What It Means/To Miss PEI

So we’ve talked about this for the last couple of years and finally it’s going ahead. I just got back from PEI, my third, no, fourth visit in the last couple of years. If there was a way to just transplant PEI into Queensland so that all the Queenslanders could get the PEI goodness and…

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