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Bundjalung people name der: 'small round hill' Mullumbimby

“St Martin's Parish Hall"
22, 23 November 2014

The ‘Biggest Little Town in Australia’ takes its name from the ‘small round hill’, itself named ‘mulubinba’’ after a native fern which grew here. Mullum is definitely a place for growing – a lush valley that rolls away from Mt Chincogan, a landmark that has some vague relationship to fertility – apparently it’s best not to look at it for too long if you don’t want to move to Mullum and start a family… Known, of course, for the annual Mullumbimby Music Festival, the Small Halls partner that turns the town into a milling mass of wonderful music and friendly folk, most people who drove the old highway to nearby Byron Bay will also fondly remember Uncle Tom’s Pies, where you can still add generous servings of mushy green peas and potato to a huge range of pies for a complete carbo-trance. With woven guerrilla installations, rope swings in the trees of its wide streets and a community welcome that is so easy is seems almost too casual, Mullum is a hospitable green and gentle introduction to the Northern Rivers region and its wild sister settlements of Byron Bay and Nimbin.

Festival ticketing applies for this one: visit www.mullummusicfestival.com

Population 2139