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13 Nov 2013: One More Road for the Road

So Tom Hauritz has started on the Festival of Small Halls gang – yes, he’s Bill’s son, and yes, it’s bloody great to have a growing team at the back end! We took a trip out to Chinchilla because we needed to have a double check of the hall. In the interests of full disclosure, this is what happens. We took a wrong turn. Then we ran out of fuel. I know, I know, in terms of things you want to be able to manage if you’re touring, directions and fueling the vehicle are probably up there. We were talking so much and laughing and exchanging music, and we lost track of…everything. So there we were, roadside and being buffeted, and I do mean buffeted, by the semis going by. We called the fella we were meeting and he laughed and said no worries (for the third time). That was good point one. Good point two? Being told by the RACQ that it would be a two hour wait… that isn’t good, is it? But then making a kind of desperate phone call to Rick at Freedom Fuels in Chinchilla, who sent a rep, Ken, out with a can of fuel. What a legend. And when we asked what kind of beer he drinks, he wouldn’t hear of it. Chinchilla. What a place.

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